Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cold air intake

Cold air intake is a device used to carry a lower temperature air into the internal combustion engine car, to improve engine power and efficiency.
that changed after installed
- Gas is more responsive
- Feels more attraction
I think for more efficient fuel consumption
because to obtain the same energy do not have to step on the gas more
while certainly not had time to test fuel
just estimates, after traveling 150 km
gas gauge only shifted slightly compared to previous.

The Injen Cold air intake setup is one of the best choices we offer and is popular among all different types of car enthusiasts. It’s pretty hard to beat a K&n air intake and the original setups they offered were simply a replacement air filter that allows more air to pass. Over time, Kn air intakes emerged and that triggered other brands like AEM cold air intake system, Iceman cold air intakes and other cold air intake kits. They are all very similar, but some do offer a better fitment than others on various cars. Air intakes usually come in two different versions and we offer a full line of both. Short ram and cold-air intakes come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate your engine bay. They are custom built to produce performance gains while no major modifications have to be made in order to install them or support them. A cold air intake is a system designed to have the filter (located at the end of the intake tube) mounted as far away from the engine itself. This is done in an effort to keep the air inside the intake cool and prevent it from negatively effected by the engine's heat. All air intakes & intake accessories are brand new in the box and never been used or mounted. We inspect and pack every product before shipping to ensure the product quality and reduce the chance of customer getting a damage merchandise.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Decoration Exhibition

Trade Show exhibits in a big exhibition with many similar companies that participated.

Do you imagine Decoration Exhibition form first, but the first thing is to set goals to be achieved within the exhibition.

- Sales
- Promotion of new products
- Customer Service
- Find a large project
- Wash warehouse

In some exhibition (Exhibition of Interior), many who always wanted to sell and sell, this is not wrong, but other goals to be achieved and also to design the exhibition stand (Partition Exhibition) is not merely a display rack shelves a mere product. But more than that?

Interior Design Make a stand that has a nuance that is not just a shop but has a different nuance. If design exhibition booth or partition is just a moving spot SHOPS then that makes visitors are not interested to come. See Decoration Exhibition and Exhibition Contractors.

I mean that every element is present or display must be able to visualize those early goals. You can also use the services exhibition contractor to help you realize the concept of Partition your exhibition stand design.

Here at this site, we found several objects such as table Covers, table top displays and directors chairs in an exhibition, directors chairs you know that this is not just any chair but a common seat in pake in making films titled, and you can buy these valuable items